Why it’s also important to wear a mask at home

Thanks to COVID, many of us are finding ourselves spending a lot more time at home than we normally would.

Over the past few weeks of isolation I have come face to face with a few of my past limiting habits that have found their way back into my life. The biggest of these is my consumption of sugar, especially when there is a down moment. Sugar (mmm.. cookies & chocolate), is the first thing my mind tells me to reach for when I feel anxious or bored.

Are you also overwhelmed with the urge to keep going to the kitchen to grab a snack, even when you’re not even hungry?

Hens the recent joke I was told…”Wearing a mask at home is now critical during the pandemic. Why? To stop many of us from eating too much.” 

But, there is some truth to it and if you are like me and are enjoying a few too many unhealthy snacks, I’m here to let you know…it’s going to be okay 🙂 Your desire to snack doesn’t mean you are weak or lack willpower. In fact, these feeling are completely normal. It’s a stressful time for many of us and when we are stressed our body goes into the sympathetic nervous system state. In that state our brain pushes us to react to that stress by feeding it any source of energy. Our brains know they can get a dopamine rush by consuming some simple carbs. Sugar, leftover pasta, toast, it’s all good!

Well, I’ve got a little trick I use to calm my reaction to snacking and get back to eating in a more balanced way. But don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you to stop eating all the foods you love!


Here is the #1 way I calm my cravings in stressful moments. I use a 33-second breath technique I call HeartFlow to calm my mind and reset my nervous system so I am functioning from a parasympathetic and calm state. 

If you’re curious to give it a try, (I highly recommend it), you can download the directions for HeartFlow!

Download HeartFlow now

After practicing HeartFlow (before reacting to my cravings) I am calm and have more ability to choose powerfully. I then ask myself this simple question.

Am I actually hungry?

If no, I put the snack down and go do something useful. If yes, I ask myself, 

Is this snack I am about to eat serve me? 

Just the noticing alone gives you back your power and offers you a choice in the moment. As long as you stop to notice, you can still choose to eat what doesn’t serve you (like chocolate or another piece or bread). The more you practice this, the easier it becomes to choose snacks that serve you best, instead of just ReactEating to stress.


Give HeartFlow a try when a craving to snack hits over the next 7-days. Download the instructions and get on it!

Download HeartFlow now

Notice what results you experience from it and share them inside the Clear Impact facebook community page. I would love to engage with you there!

Here are a few other additional quick tips you can include over the next 7 days (and beyond) to help you calm your cravings.

#1. Drink lots of water, sometimes instead of a snack.

#2. Add some healthy fat and protein to your meals/snacks to help balance your blood sugar.
* Some of my favourites are hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, avocado, coconut mana, grass fed butter and almonds!

#3. Make sure you have some healthy snacks prepared ahead of time like vegetable sticks, hummus and raw nuts.

I promise if you spend the next 7-days practicing HeartFlow and calm your reactions to snacking, you will gain back some of your daily energy and be set on a healthier path. 

Now is the time to commit to yourself. There is actually no better time than RIGHT NOW!

If you want me to guide you in getting started and/or support you into experiencing a daily level of energy and vitality you crave, I’m here. Now is your chance to use this extra time to ignite your flame and rise to the best version of YOU possible.  

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You don’t want to come out the other end of this pandemic feeling run down, heavier, more addicted to your bad habits and more burdened by the stress on your shoulders!

What Next?

#1. Do the 7-Days of HeartFlow  Challenge

#2. Schedule a 20-minute coaching call ONLY if you are ready to commit to YOU – CLICK HERE 

Don’t wait for tomorrow. Today is the day to light that fire and to start thriving and speak soon.


In GREAT Health,

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