Do You Feel Stuck in A Rut?
It’s Time To Put YOUR Self-Care First,
And Start Living Your Perfect Life Today!

A Step-by-step program to CRAVE healthy habits, thrive with abundant daily mental and physical strength, and start living your perfect life today!

Join The Program and Access 20 years of Practical Knowledge

  • 3 Months Of Foundational Training To Jump Start Your Self Care
  • Weekly Coaching With Adam
  • Private Community Of Other Like-Minded Individuals Looking To Practice Their Perfect Life Everyday
  • Actionable Strategies, Tools, And Resources To Craft Your Perfect Life And Start Practicing It Today
  • Accountability: Exercise/Homework/Resources
  • A Lifelong Toolbox To Utilize In Every Situation In Your Life For You To Optimize, Optimize, Optimize  Every Aspect Of Your Life


Do You Feel Like You’re Always Putting Everyone Else First?

And Have Nothing Left In The Tank For You?


Stressed and overwhelmed, mentally and physically tired and craving vitality again?

In the past few years I’ve worked with SO MANY people that were trying to escape their stress, get back into shape and take control of their self-care.

The problem is that they were trying to add targeted healthy habits, like exercise or a specific diet, but soon got overwhelmed!

(And It’s not to call out anyone in the industry, because, technically, learning healthy habits can be effective, but it’s still the wrong kind of advice.)

Let me tell you something: I’ve been helping people take powerful control of their self-care in a VERY different way than the norm.

And it’s worked extremely well for them and myself. In fact I’m in my late 40’s and I’ve never felt so energized and alive! (genuinely)

Adam and Carl

It teaches you how to add simple, impactful practices to open the door for real, sustainable change…, for your life!

Who am I and why follow my advice?

I’m best-selling author and master health coach Adam Hart – … I went from being pre-diabedic, overweight and burnt-out at 26 years old, to creating my perfect life where I wake each morning living the best version of myself possible.  

Growing up I always thought youth would be on my side. Never did I think it would disappear at such a young age. For too many years I relied on my cravings to feel good again. Sugar was my big one. Any time I felt stressed, my first reaction would be to reach for some chocolate or pastries to feel a bit better. This was usually followed by stressful thoughts of “how am I ever going to get my youthful energy back?”

My moment of reckoning came when I was diagnosed pre-diabetic by my doctor at 26 and given pharmaceutical medication to help manage it. I was already living on medication for asthma, anxiety, food allergies and more. I was way too young to be losing my vitality and it was time to get myself back in order!

I made a commitment to myself to not get on more medication, but instead get into action. First thing was to find a physical activity that I could enjoy doing. No more gyms, no more jogging. These were not fun for me and caused stress. 

I discovered I had the ability to FEEL and then control my nervous system stress response. This led to my ability to quickly heal ALL my past ailments, while also starting to thrive at the same time. 

Since then I have MASTERED the ability to optimize my daily energy to attract the most abundant life. I now have a beautiful family, I’m in my best health that only seems to be getting better (stronger, fitter) . I have abundant mental energy. I can focus longer, have more clarity and I’m  learning more! I have an amazing home surrounded by nature, a best selling book, and  more capacity to care for others now that my bucket is full! 

And I have helped so many others to do the same…


Do You Want…

  • A clear system to build a personalized self care program that you will CRAVE doing every day?
  • To feel more energetic than ever before and know that you’re growing better and stronger every day?
  • Accountability and peer support to ACTUALLY create overdue changes in your life?
  • A clear strategy on what you should practice on a daily basis to feel happy, emotionally and physically grounded?
  • A pathway to feeling calmer, more at peace, more connected to yourself and all that is around you – people and nature?


If yes then…. ?

So, You Have 2 Choices Right Now…

  •  Keep feeling less energetic, stressed, overwhelmed and bored as years pass you by, as if you’re STUCK repeating the same day over and over again… and not a good one!
  • Keep up with your elaborate and complicated health schedule and regimen, only to have to use sheer willpower to stick to it…
  • Keep chasing the next SHINY object and think that’s going to make it all better: the kids leaving the house, retirement, a better relationship with your partner or loved ones,…

Or Would You Rather…

  • CONSTANTLY feel like you’re growing stronger, mentally, emotionally and physically, day after day.
  • Take on the journey to living your perfect life TODAY and not waste another single day waiting for life to get better.
  • Take control of your self-care and your relationship with yourself, connecting to your inner strength so that you shine bright for those you care most about.

Here is what’s inside the program:

  • 3 Months of core training for your Perfect Life Path
  • Accountability: Exercise/Homework/Resources
  • Weekly coaching with Adam
  • Private community of other individuals looking to practice their perfect life everyday

And What You’ll Learn Is The Program Can Work EVEN IF…

  • You’ve tried “all the healthy hypes” and diets before
  • You’re a busy professional and/or parent and have little time to squeeze this in
  • Think that you’re already doing everything you can/should… this is about getting to the next level
  • Don’t necessarily struggle with all of this and are somewhat satisfied with your life but still want to live a better life

✅ This is for you if…

  • You feel like you’re in a repetitive  rut and the future doesn’t show any signs of improving
  • You feel like the only way you can deal with your stressed and racing mind is to turn to your bad habits for temporary relief
  • You know that you can regain your youthful vitality and that life has so much more to offer you if you could just open the right door

❌ This is Not for you if….

  • You’d rather keep trying the same things hoping for a different result
  • You’re lazy and satisfied being comfortable instead of happy
  • You are already living your best life and are a role model for all those around you.