CI Talks: Episode 1 Featuring Canadian Biohacker, David Limacher

Today I spend 45-minutes talking with my good friend David Limacher, founder of Vigr Lifestyle. David is a Canadian biohacker and one of my main sources for learning how to utilize the 24-hour light cycle to support a healthier and more robust life.


  • How David set up the sleep environment for his new baby to ensure optimal development
  • Why both David & I have a lifetime supply of red light bulbs
  • Key must-do’s to ensure you wake up with morning energy


  • Why I have been supplementing with Elk Antler for the past 3 years
  • What benefits you can look forward to…hint, hint…you partner will thank you!
  • David shares a final bonus right at the end of the talk for anyone suffering with nerve/back pain
  • Promotional code for a 22% discount on all your orders

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