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24 May: Cool Blueberry Blissful Bites

With summer just around the corner, here is a tasty treat my kids LOVE! Not only are they delicious, but…

17 May: Oh My Mango Squares

I love having fun in my kitchen. This was a different take on macaroons I came up with. They are…

11 May: CI Talks: Episode 1 Featuring Canadian Biohacker, David Limacher

Today I spend 45-minutes talking with my good friend David Limacher, founder of Vigr Lifestyle. David is a Canadian biohacker…

10 May: Why it’s also important to wear a mask at home

Thanks to COVID, many of us are finding ourselves spending a lot more time at home than we normally would….

Wake Up Chocolate Elixir
05 May: Wake Up Chocolate Elixir

One thing I know for sure is that I love a morning cup of coffee. Usually I use my coffee…

Nootropics and Smart Pills
24 May: Nootropics, Smart Pills, and Biohacking. Adam Hart’s Story

Fiction has a way of sensationalizing real issues. It was this sensationalization in the 2011 Bradley Cooper movie Limitless that…

Neurons Firing
27 Apr: Are Non-Native EMFs Slowly Killing Us? Find the Cure.

In one of the early episodes of Better Call Saul, a spin-off of the hit show Breaking Bad, we meet…

Feeling out of focus at the office
16 Mar: Improve Focus and Productivity with These Easy Changes to Your Work Routine

Most modern offices are devoid of natural light and filled with workers hunched over computers…

Kids have so much energy they don?t even need stairs
08 Mar: Modern Society is at Odds With Our Biology… and It’s Sapping Our Energy

There are many changes we go through upon reaching adulthood. We trade in our toys for tools…